This time last year I was just getting out of a serious relationship. I was completely devastated. I couldn’t see out of the dark hole I was in. I made a decision to stay single for a year. I was determined to discover who I was. I wanted to focus on bettering myself, finding joy and understanding contentment. This year I fell in love. I fell in love with myself, my family and my friends. I fell in love with life. I am so grateful for the highs and the lows reality throws at me because I know that I can handle it. I am happier now than I ever have been. I hope you all spend today showing and receiving love from those you cherish. #clairezinneckerdesign

The moment you walk into a completed space that has gone from design to actuality. Makes every hour spent beyond worth it. So proud of this collaboration with the amazing team @hsuoffice. Go see for yourself @therefineryatx !! #clairezinneckerdesign

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” Maya Angelou /// What was your New Years resolution? Mine was to say thank you. Thank you to the person who helped me out today, thank you to the friend for checking in, thank you to the guy who wasn’t interested in me, thank you to the client who didn’t choose me to design their project. There is a reason to be grateful for everything. As challenging as it is, making your first action in any situation to be grateful forces you to examine that situation in a different light. To see it with new eyes. To realize there is a reason that things worked out the way they did and to make those reasons a positive. Today I’m grateful for my uncle - who encouraged and inspired me to pursue my design dreams (and also is the owner of this perfect bathroom). ✨💗

Guys, life is just so GOOD. 🙋🏼‍♀️ When you work with talented and creative friends who see the world the way you do...that’s when the magic happens. Revisiting this perfect weekend @ranchopillow today. I can’t wait to share it all with you guys in the @dominomag spring issue!! 👏🏼👏🏼💗✨ photo by @wynnmyers

So proud of this project. Despite the quick turnaround + a distant city @mattercreative and I knocked it out of the park! 🙌🏼🙋🏼‍♀️ FINALLY sharing more photos of @the_citizenry pop up on my site! (Link in profile) 📸 by @lindseabrown #clairezinneckerdesign + a special thanks to @denise_fuqua

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. So much is happening quickly that it’s hard to stay grounded and keep up as life whirls around me. I’m so excited and grateful for the opportunities life has handed me but so often I become consumed with self doubt and fear. I’m surrounded by people but lonely. I miss my house, family, friends and fur babies. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed with how I will manage this new season of my life and I’m terrified because honestly I have no clue. I keep holding on to the truth that nothing in my life has gone according to plan and yet has turned out so much more wonderfully than I could have dreamed. I sure thought I’d have more answers in my 30s amiright?! Hooray for venturing into the unknown! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙌🏼✨

Currently missing these two so much it hurts. Can’t wait to squeeze them to pieces in a little over a week. I’ve never been away from them this long and it’s made me realize...I’m completely and totally obsessed with my dogs....oh wait, I already knew that. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Aren’t they the CUTEST!?!

Feeling completely surrounded by love. Everyone’s encouraging, supportive and thoughtful words mean more than you will ever know. Thank you to everyone who opened up to me. I’m so excited for each of you to continue your own journey of vulnerability. We are all in this together!!! 🙌🏼 In other news I’m totally crushing on my little kitchen today. (Though let’s be real - it’s never as clean as it is in this photo by @mollyculverphotography 💗✨) #clairezinneckerdesign

Real Reality // This is something I started challenging myself with in 2017 and wanted to continue pushing myself to pursue in 2018. The responses from you all have been BEYOND encouraging. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the support from each and every one of you as I go through this journey. I’ve had a post on my mind and on my heart for quite some time so after a lot of writing, talking, thinking and wise words from friends I have decided to share some really personal things. If I admit this then maybe I will push past this barrier of “perfection” that I’ve battled my entire life. If I admit this then maybe my feelings of isolation will finally be gone. If I admit this then maybe it will touch even just one of you to share something that you have been struggling with, maybe you and I can feel less alone and less isolated in our pain and maybe that's where the real healing begins. So here we go with the most vulnerable I have ever been. |||| more in my profile ||| #realrealityczd photo by my favorite @wynnmyers

LIFE UPDATE // I figured being stuck in a New York blizzard seems like an appropriate time to share some whirlwind changes in my world. I’M MOVING PART-TIME TO NEW YORK! I’ve spent the past few days settling into my darling apartment and having so many meetings about a REALLY exciting project I’ve accepted here. (so much more to share on that when I can, I can’t WAIT to fill you all in!!) I’ve kicked off 2018 with a million questions, some serious freak outs and a joyous heart. Taking this season of life day-by-day and investing in some long underwear asap! 💗✨☃️🤷🏼‍♀️

Well 2017 you have been a helluva year. You have brought heartache, tears, exhaustion, meltdowns along with so much growth, laughter and more friendships than I have made in years combined. Not gonna lie I am pretty pumped to be done with 2017 but am beyond grateful for all the experiences it gave me. I can’t wait to share with you what 2018 has in store // more honesty and real reality (thanks to the encouragement from my dear @ruthielindsey) as well as some other huge changes. As always I am so blessed by the encouragement and support from you all. Let’s face 2018 head on!!!

Not feeling particularly inspiring or in an instagram mood today. The Austin weather is bleh, I’m drained and there’s an unpleasant oder taking over my house. 😷 BUT today is the last day to visit the @the_citizenry pop up on Bleecker so I wanted to share!!! Make sure to stop by and check out what @mattercreative and I sacrificed our beauty sleep for!! I’ve LOVED seeing everyone’s photos from the space. ✨💗 #clairezinneckerdesign

I am so thankful for every day of my life. The wealth of friends, non stop travel and amazing clients are all such a blessing but sometimes the reality is I feel like life keeps whirling and I can’t keep up. So many changes are heading my way and the truth is I’m terrified. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed and just want to lay here and cuddle with my pups forever. I would never be able to tackle these challenges without the support of my family and friends and I’m sure I fail them so often. #realrealityczd /// It’s 12p and I’m in sweatpants and so happy it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!

Some people are really good at the “smile at each other and pose” thing....we are good at the “be natural and by natural I mean awkward” thing. We took about 50 of these and this was one of the only acceptable ones. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I had SO much fun touring the new East Nashville @wework today! I mean this staircase is literally my DREAM. Come by Thursday for the launch party to check it out!! (RSVP link in my insta-stories). #wework #weworknashville #weworkviews

Real reality // when @the_citizenry approached me about designing a popup shop for them in New York I jumped at the chance! I knew it would be a fast pace and *almost* impossible project but I’ve learned that if an opportunity you love comes your way you say yes and figure it out after. This meant zero social life, next to no sleep and pulling in my dear friend @mattercreative to help. Today was the soft opening and I could not be more proud. My favorite part about my career is creating spaces that make my clients happy, places they want to lay their heads or display their products and feel completely at home. Mission accomplished. Now time to sleeeeeeeeep! #clairezinneckerdesign

Yesterday I was threw myself a good old pity party. I’m having to spend a decent amount of money “rat proofing” my house. 😖 I was annoyed and grumpy and feeling seriously sorry for myself until I realized that I have owned this house for A DECADE this past October. Yes maybe it wasn’t in my “plan” to still be here, dealing with a broken sink, busted tile and a rat issue, but I mean come ON. I have a house, a roof over my head and an investment (rats and all). If this is my worst problem then I count myself lucky. I’m determined to challenge myself to always find the joys in the crap situations. ✨ photo by @mollyculverphotography for @dominomag #clairezinneckerdesign

This weekend has been practically perfect. The weather was heavenly and when I wasn't outside gardening or hiking I had all the doors and windows open. Being outside is my therapy. I spent time with family, friends and pups (Monte refused to get up from his sunshine spot to take a picture 💅🏽) and finally had a weekend in Austin!! Of course I still worked ( owner life) 🤷🏼‍♀️ but found plenty of time to play. Can it always be this way?? 💗🙏🏼

I got into a conversation last night with a dear friend about what defines a “successful” woman. Between the pressures we put on ourselves and the pressures society piles on it’s hard to really grasp a clear picture of success. Is it work? Financial accomplishments? Or is it investing in a husband and family and putting your efforts into that? Is it possible to truly HAVE IT ALL? What does it mean to be envied by others and is this something we should strive for? I can pretty honestly say I don’t know a lot about a lot but I do know the grass is always greener. Having it all, in my opinion, is being happy and fulfilled with WHATEVER you choose to do. I want people to see my joy as my greatest accomplishment and not any worldly achievement. I want to be valued because I’m living happily and putting all of me into whatever I choose to invest in. That’s what I think true success is. 📸 by @kellychristinesutton

When in doubt - FLOWERS!!! They make everything better. Feeling so loved and celebrated after a week of friends. Life is busy, messy and chaotic and I wouldn't change a thing (except maybe having all my animals never shed 🤷🏼‍♀️) dress is a fun new collaboration between @madewell x @no6_store and is the perfect holiday outfit!!! #clairezinneckerdesign 📸 by @mattercreative

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday from snail mail to instagram. I felt so loved and grateful to be supported by such an incredible community. 30 was one for the books and I have a feeling 31 is going to be even BETTER!! (and yes, I did have birthday cake for breakfast this morning....treat yoself 🤷🏼‍♀️💅🏽🎂) 📸 by @chaninator for @austinwoman

Happy Monday! This is the first time in 4 years I'm not celebrating my birthday week on a girl's adventure trip! It's bittersweet but I am so thankful for all of the amazing travels and experiences I've had ...and don't worry - I have a few new trips in the works already!! ✨💃🏼💗 #czdtravels

The perfect sort of Friday. Photoshoot fun with @mollyculverphotography in the home of @creativeparasol. Can't wait to share more!!! Architecture @alterstudio // construction @cleantagllc // interiors #clairezinneckerdesign

7 more days until I say goodbye to 30. I had built up so many plans for this monumental year and I couldn't name one that came to fruition. Instead I accomplished things I never even dreamed of. I've traveled to new places, met new people and made new business ventures. I've learned that it's okay to be vulnerable, it's okay to be proud of myself and it's okay to fail. I can confidently say I am so happy and full of joy with my life. Can't wait to see what lessons and joys 31 brings. // photo by @wynnmyers

My exercise routine? These two ding dongs. Seriously with everything I juggle I would go insane if I didn't exercise and thankfully my pups make sure that happens. You can join in on the fun with @outdoorvoices dog jog on November 19th. Grab your pup (or your pal's) and come run to support @austinpetsalive!!! #doingthings @ovaustin (not sponsored, just two companies that I think are the bees knees!) //more in my stories//🙋🏼🐶🐶

Another day another amazing project with @caesarstoneus. This house was a labor of love but the result was perfection! It didn't hurt that my friend and client @grannybritt has twin design taste to mine, a dream collection of furniture and was incredibly involved. So happy to be a part of creating her dream home. 💗 #clairezinneckerdesign photo by @kate_zim_turpin and styled by Brittany. ✨