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Tile Talk

September 19, 2014

Happy Friday! I have been on quite the tile hunt lately. Many of my clients have approached me with the design challenge of remodeling their bathrooms, which has allowed me to dive headfirst into the world of tile. Remember the bathrooms from my South Congress client's addition? From traditional to bold I have been gathering ideas and new sources for each space. (Living vicariously through my clients' projects is one of my favorites parts of my job!) One thing is certain :: you can completely change the style of a bathroom simply by the type of tile you choose. Want to see some of my favorite options? Keep reading and let me know which you love! Stay tuned as the bathroom remodels continue, I will be talking lighting, plumbing, and accessories to finish out these spaces perfectly!

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Cover Image || Claire Zinnecker Instagram || 1. Urban Edge Ceramics, Lindsey Lang 2. Emilie Bedard Architect, Stadshem 3. Apartment 312 (I wasn't able to source this one so if you find a better link let me know!), Design Discoveries

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