DIY Sconce

December 17, 2014

by claire zinnecker

Happy Holidays! I don't know about you all but I am completely drowning in December madness. I always forget how hectic this time of the year is until I am in the midst of it all. Instead of tackling my never-ending to-do list I decided it was the perfect time to share a DIY I made months ago! I know I promised I would post about my hanging bedroom sconces so here you go! Better late than never I always say. The best part is I also created a little flip book of my DIY project on a fun new app call Stellar. Keep reading to see how easy these sconces are to make and don't forget to take a look at my feature on Stellar!

step by step.jpg

Supplies ||

Step 1 || attach plug to cloth cord

  • slide plug cover onto cord
  • delicately cut away cloth to reveal wires
  • splice (cut off plastic cover to show copper wire) black and white wires with pliers
  • wrap copper wire around screws, tighten
  • slide plug cover over plug and attach

Step 2 || connect switch

  • measure switch 6-10" away from plug placement
  • carefully cut open cloth to reveal wires
  • cut and splice the "hot" wire (usually black or brown)
  • slide copper wire into switch
  • attach switch cover
  • here are additional helpful instructions

Step 3 || assemble and attach socket

  • slide socket cover onto cloth cord
  • slide socket top onto cord
  • delicately cut off cloth to reveal wires
  • splice black and white wires to reveal copper
  • twist copper wires and put into socket holes
  • attach socket cover onto socket
  • screw in bulb, hang with hook and enjoy!

all photos by Claire Zinnecker for Claire Zinnecker Design